Chairman’s Message

Mike Vaughan
Liftech Equipment Companies

A message from MHEDA’s 2019 Chairman of the Board:

I feel truly privileged to be granted the opportunity to lead a strong MHEDA organization in a time of industry growth and rapid change. Thank you to all of our members for your participation and support in making MHEDA such a fantastic industry association. It’s going to be a great 2019!

MHEDA’s lineup in 2019 is outstanding as usual and I am hopeful that the membership will take full advantage of its offering. I’d like to challenge the membership to create and foster these kinds of environments! I have a dream…rather than talking about Baby Boomers, GenXers and Millennials as separate generations…how about we talk about generations that have integrated into one blended generation? How does Boo-Gen-ials sound? I believe it is a recipe for greatness!

Our association’s Board and the MHEDA staff have studied the Material Handling Business Trends and we devised educational programming in the form of webinars and live conferences throughout the year directly addressing our most pressing business topics. Be sure to review MHEDA’s Educational Calendar and drive the use of this resource deep into your organization by having managers and staff include relevant events in your company’s training plans this year.

I look forward to meeting you at our 2019 events.

Mike Vaughan, CFO
Liftech Equipment Companies
East Syracuse, NY